Disaggregated System is Modern Infrastructure

November 6, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Technology is advancing at breakneck speeds, every angle of technology is doing what it can to have cross-compatibility with what’s hot like loud Computing, Mobile Devices, Virtualization, AI, A/V Reality and the Internet of Things. It no longer makes sense to build a supercomputer system that can cater to all your enterprise needs. It doesn’t make sense because, in a few years, it won’t be able to it, given the unpredictable number of disruptive technologies coming out of the Tech industry. Systems agility -hardware included, is now a must-have and no longer a good-to-have feature.  The blog post talks about Hyperconvergence and why it’s an agility solution to those who used to have traditional supercomputer legacy systems.
– Miyagi Kazuki

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