Return on Investment when Migrating to Hyperconvergent Infrastructure

December 28, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Every business decision maker looks at the bottom line. When investing in capital spending, the most important figure is the “Return on Investment.” (ROI). Time is the metric for this figure is time, the shorter the better. There was a time when investors wait for years before ROI, but with IT, the ROI is very short, it can be measured in weeks or months.  iSixSigma has a more elaborate formula to measure the ROI for ongoing projects, but the general concept remains the same. Hyperconvergence is a technology that requires significant investment. It doesn’t matter if the organization is building from scratch or migrating from an existing server cluster, there will be costs. The article is about case studies of organizations that implemented HCI and how it impacted their business.
– Miyagi Kazuki

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