Why Hyperconvergence is the Future of IT

January 3, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

Many IT professionals have heard of hyperconvergence,  and they are cautious of it, says this article from Data Center Knowledge. In fact, some of them are nervous about it, probably because of their unfamiliarity with the new technology. Another reason is the challenge they perceive it presents to their systems that are used to virtual machines. But the following article addresses those fears and points out why adapting hyperconvergence is inevitable. It is the future of IT. That’s why IT professionals must embrace it, and not stay away from it. Read on for more. – Cora Llamas.



In this episode of InformationWeek’s Expert Voice podcast, we talk with Wikibon’s Stu Miniman about hyperconverged infrastructures and why IT pros need to pay attention.

Read the source article at informationweek.com

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